Don’t count the cost of a cyberscam this Christmas!

We’ve made it our mission to educate the nation on cybersecurity awareness.
Take a look at our specialist training materials below.

How cyber savvy are you?

Test your phishing skills 

The frog needs to get across the pond but there are suspicious messages blocking his path. Use your knowledge to dodge the cyber scams, choose the safe lily pads and get him to safety.

But be careful – if you select a scam, it’s game over!

Measure your digital skills

How security aware are you?

Are you living your digital life securely? Take our digital security skills quiz to find out if you’re super safe, taking steady steps or scarily susceptible when it comes to online security.

We’ll also let you know which areas to focus on to improve your online security.

Improve your cyber hygiene

Top 10 tips for cyber safety 

You may believe it will never happen to you, but the truth is, we are all at risk of a cyber attack.

Cybersecurity threats are ever-evolving. Our top tips provide simple but effective steps you can take to protect your information and stay safe online.

Get clued up on cybersecurity terms

Cyber Security Glossary

Phishing, cloud, malvertising… cybersecurity jargon can be tricky. Our Cybersecurity Glossary will help you understand commonly used terms and what they mean for your security.

What happens to stolen data?

What to do if you think you’ve fallen for a cyber scam

Knowing your personal information has been stolen can be scary, but there are steps you can take to halt cybercriminals in their tracks.

Our guide covers golden rules to foil cybercriminals and what to do if you fall for a scam.

The Security Company are delighted to have partnered with ITV Tonight as the security awareness experts of their episode entitled: Christmas Buyers Beware: Tonight . 

Established in 1997, TSC has become the industry provider for addressing employee attitudes and behaviours surrounding security.

How we can help

We believe everyone should be equipped with knowledge to defend them selves from fraudsters and so this Christmas we’ve made it our mission to inspire, engage and protect the nation. We hope you found our resources educated you and your family for the festive season and beyond.


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