Leverage the psychological desire for status, achievement and to be part of an inclusive social community.


Gamification brings gaming techniques and elements into non-gaming environments. It can be applied to learning and development situations, marketing, recruitment and even our own health regimes. Read more on how gamification can round out your information security programme here.

Typical game-playing elements include point scoring, competition and rules of play. Points, levels and awards help make boring tasks fun and motivate the user to jump in, get it done and achieve that high score.

Why choose games?

Our fun games are great motivators, encouraging employees to engage in security awareness.

Games can bring life to topics such as data handling and classification, phishing scams, password creation and cloud-based storage procedures.

Browse through TSC’s range of infosec-related games designed to increase user engagement across different security behaviours.


Games help learners engage and absorb messaging by:

  • Presenting a fun-based challenge — giving an instant reason to engage.
  • Drawing on learners’ competitive natures — with themselves or others.
  • Replicating real-life situations.
  • Allowing learners to experiment and fail in a safe environment.
  • Providing immediate feedback.
  • Rewarding the learner with a sense of achievement and progression.

Games for a new dimension to your security programme

Scam survival

• Phishing

Can you spot the signs of a suspicious message and help ‘frogger’ get to safety?


View demo

Danger DisCARDer

• Security threats

Do you fancy a game of cards with the team?

This Top Trumps-style card game raises awareness about different information and cybersecurity threats, with players protecting themselves by ‘disCARDing’ their security risks.


View Demo

Don't take the bait

• Phishing

See if you can spot the ‘phishy’ lines in these emails to get as many correct answers in a row as you can.


View demo

Password challenge

• Password creation

Create a strong and long password and demonstrate you can remember it!

Based on the principle of creating a memorable passphrase.

View demo

Credential stuffing

• Password creation • Digital footprint

Fancy being in the shoes of an attacker? Find out how they mine social media profiles to identify keywords that are typically used in passwords.


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Escape room

• Cyber risks

The learner finds themselves in a digital office where they must find all the risks and the clues to be able to escape. It’s the ultimate individual challenge.


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Cloud Control

• Cloud storage

Catch the documents to save them to the cloud and pass each level in this retro-style game.


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Cyber Hi-Low

• Classification • Data handling

This ‘higher – lower’ game challenges the learner to identify whether a presented document should have a higher or lower classification than the previous example. All at speed!


View demo

ID Identifier

• Physical security • ID badges

Test your observation skills and see if you can spot who should and should not be on the premises. Watch out there may be aliens about!


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Want to know more about our games?

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