Are phishing emails a problem?

We are all guilty of thinking ‘that will never happen to me’. To bring home the message that a phishing attack can catch anyone who is not vigilant, we offer an ethical phishing simulation.

The most powerful way to learn is through experience. The Security Company‘s ethical phishing tool simulates real-life phishing scenarios that educate employees to recognise and report malicious phishing emails.

How phishing simulation supports
your awareness programme

Phishing simulation is a useful tool for testing security behaviour
and helps you to understand which people in your organisation need training.
Testing needs to be repeated regularly to ensure your defences stay strong.
The reports and data from each campaign enable you to measure improvements.

How does it work?

For the simulation, TSC can:

  • Create bespoke phishing emails with a link to a customised landing page that entices users to enter sensitive information
  • Supply a customer-branded sub-domain
  • Supply an SSL certificate
  • Create an ‘advice and guidance’ page for those employees who submit information to the fake website
  • Dispatch from a supplied customer email list
  • Provide data capture, analysis and reporting


What is the outcome?

The reporting function of the tool provides a
detailed breakdown of findings including…
Number of
emails opened
Attachments or
links clicked
Forms completed
and submitted

Want more information?

Looking to improve your employees’ security awareness?

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