Are your current methods of communication engaging?

Do you want a quick, engaging, dynamic and innovative method of delivering your cybersecurity messages?

Our animations could be the solution for you and your company.

What are the animations?

We have designed several humorous animations which focus on key security themes. The animations depict our security character Lax who, while working and travelling, makes unsecure decisions. A villain takes advantage of Lax’s security mistakes but Lax learns from his experiences.

Some of the animated
situations include:

Lock it away or lose it
Out and about
Incident reporting
Need to know
Classifying information

How does it work?

We can supply animations in a variety of formats which allow them to be displayed through plasma screens, within our e-Learning modules, embedded in presentations, used in digital publications, mobile phones and tablets, as an intranet banner, or as a daily welcome message.

The animations can be adapted to incorporate your company’s specific information and can be translated into multiple languages.

If you are using the animations as part of a communication campaign, stills can be produced for use on posters, screensavers, bookmarks and USB sticks.

Fancy a comic strip? The stills can be combined into a comic strip and published for in-house magazines. Or we can create you a bespoke character that can be used as your security awareness identifier

Bring life into your campaign

We have engaged thousands of employees with their security awareness training using our quick and humorous animations.

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