An integrated, sustainable and collaborative approach

Creating a culture where employees are alert to security threats and empowering them to be secure will not happen overnight. An integrated, sustained and sustainable approach is the only way to succeed.

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Our methodology

All our work is based on the establishment of long-term awareness and genuine, measurable behaviour change in the employee community. To achieve a balanced and manageable programme of security awareness, we adopt a phased approach to the delivery of our solutions.

By staging the programme in this way, timing and delivery of elements can adapt to any operational and/or budgetary constraints or issues.

Phase one – an initial programme of discovery

Our Insight programme will establish the current attitudes towards security behaviour within your organisation. We will use this as a start point, and a baseline from which to measure future changes and improvements.

We will devise a security communications strategy and communications plan, and strive for some early wins.

Phase two – rollout and developing the programme

With the security communications strategy and communications plan defined and agreed, we will formally launch the campaign and begin to deploy appropriate security awareness tools and solutions (including our Security Knowledge Zone, e-Learning, and a wide range of supporting communications materials).

We will establish and agree Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to provide a measurement framework for the programme. Results must be measurable to prove both that the programme is working, and that the investment has been both wise and of value.

Phase three – sustaining and embedding the learning

We will develop and continue to improve, over time, adoption of secure behaviours across the whole range of employees.

This will include regular reviews of progress and current risks and threats, inclusion of refreshed content and the development of targeted training and awareness as our own knowledge of your organisation improves.

Offering a multitude of learning methodologies and allowing people to select resources, opportunities and materials that suit them personally will have a greater impact on what they retain in the long term.

Evidence the change in your company

We host a range of management information tools which enable companies to evidence changes and improvements in learning and behaviour. Become one of them.

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