SABR is a security behaviour diagnostic tool that has supported organisations for over 20 years!

This dynamic tool can: 

  • Assess the levels of awareness and knowledge of your workforce across five dimensions 
  • Analyse the behaviours of employees in these five dimensions 
  • Provide an in-depth analytical report of your organisation’s security maturity 

Organisations have been working with us for over 20 years deploying the SABR tool to determine their baseline results and establish and implement a plan to further develop their security maturity. 

By pinpointing undesirable behaviours and targeting issues at their root, TSC’s SABR assessment can inform a more effective and efficient security culture. 

Sectors that have used our SABR diagnostic tool

You will have a wealth of quantitative data on your organisation’s security culture and maturity.  

The tool uses 80 questions, to determine security maturity, across these five dimensions: 

  1. Security engagement 
  2. Authentication 
  3. Data privacy and information handling 
  4. Physical security 
  5. Organisational culture 


Enhance your cybersecurity strategy

A completed SABR assessment will provide detailed insights into your cybersecurity culture, whilst also making recommendations for your security awareness strategy moving forward. This is crucial information that will lead to impactful and efficient behaviour training and awareness campaigns for your employees.  

SABR is an integral part of the Insight Programme, but it can also be delivered as a stand-alone exercise.

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