Do you understand the current security awareness
behaviours in your organisation?

SABR is an online questionnaire designed to identify the factors that motivate your employees and affect their security behaviour.

Running SABR in conjunction with facilitated focus groups provides a range of security behaviour indicators that guide where enhancements need to be made.

By understanding the barriers to desirable practices and underlying causes of current behaviour, we can help you prioritise critical areas for improvement and build an effective security culture programme.

What does
SABR measure?

Emotional investment

How are the results presented?

The data is analysed and delivered with demographic breakdowns in a comprehensive report.

The analysis contains:

  • Perceptions of risk
  • Areas of potential risk
  • Levels of desirable behaviour
  • Cultural aspects of security behaviour
  • The effectiveness of security-related communications and training

The report concludes with emerging insights and recommendations that can be used to guide the direction of your security awareness strategy.

Repeated on an annual basis, SABR provides the crucial evidence as to which behaviours are changing and how awareness is being raised.

This evidential base can then be fed back into a renewed cycle of targeted training and awareness campaigns.

SABR is an integral part of the Insight Programme, but it can also be delivered as a stand-alone exercise.

Do you understand your organisation’s security awareness pressure points?

Our team of behavioural change consultants provide meaningful data that paints a detailed employee awareness landscape.

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