Is your current plan realistic and based
upon actual evidence?


The key to securing your employees’ behaviours is an effective security awareness strategy that is both realistic and supported by your leadership.

The Insight programme, with accompanying reports and findings, represents the first phase of information gathering and baselining. From the results of the Insight programme, and based on our experience with our other clients over the years, we will prepare a tailored security awareness strategy.

“A security awareness strategy will provide actionable guidance to establish and maintain a secure culture.”
Martin Leggett, Head of Strategy and Behavioural Change

What will the strategy include?

The key principles of our strategy

Reduce complexity
Understand your audience
Deliver long term

Do you know what works?

We are committed to establishing lasting business relationships. We use only acknowledged and respected communication and behavioural change techniques and place an enormous premium on experience and common sense.

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