Do you know how security is perceived across the organisation?

Our focus groups will establish the current attitudes towards security behaviour. We assess the current state by asking a set of open questions through a series of focus groups and one-to-one key-stakeholder interviews. The results provide invaluable data on how your company can improve. Together with our Security Awareness Baseline Research (SABR) focus groups are basis to measure future changes and improvements.

Why you need Insight

The programme will produce a wealth of evidence to generate better
understanding by, and the stronger backing of, other
senior managers and directors
across the business.
Insight findings will guide the direction of your security awareness strategy.
It puts a spotlight on areas of high risk and will also assist in
obtaining and endorsing budget and resource.

How will the focus groups work?

Focus groups are designed to encourage employees to think about security issues and share their views and opinions about the organisation. Anonymity is ensured so participants feel at ease that their ideas and opinions are shared in confidence.

The programme delves beneath the surface to explore people’s feelings, probes their motives and seeks out root causes rather than just symptoms.

The information gathered during this process provides an objective overview of opinions, practices and policies that help to inform the direction of your security awareness strategy.

When amalgamated with our online Security Awareness Baseline Research (SABR), the outcome provides a large amount of valuable and profoundly objective evidence of the security culture and gives clear signals for the way ahead.

What makes your employees tick?

In the last year, we have identified critical areas for improvement and helped to guide where adjustments should be made to deliver the maximum in behavioural change and demonstrate progress for 17 global organisations. Interested in becoming one of them?

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