Are you currently measuring the
effectiveness of your programmes?

Measurement and evidence of improvements in security behaviour are imperative to the awareness process. It is vital to track the changes in behaviour to enable the wider business to understand the progress to maturity.

Measurement will show the value of the programme and its impact on the organisation’s business strategy and goals. At The Security Company (TSC) we have a range of management information tools that enable you to do just that.

Security Awareness Baseline Research (SABR)

The management information generated by SABR establishes a measurable baseline of security awareness knowledge and provides a report that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the security culture within your company.

Repeated on an annual basis, SABR provides crucial evidence as to which behaviours are changing and how awareness is being raised.

This evidential base is then fed back into a renewed cycle of targeted training and awareness campaigns.


Security Knowledge Zone

The Security Knowledge Zone provides a customised online security resource centre which covers all aspects of your security policy set in an engaging, and relevant way. The content covers personal and home security as well as good corporate practice. When the Security Knowledge Zone metrics are tracked on a campaign basis, it is possible to see the levels of interest stimulated by

various approaches with different audiences. These metrics can also provide secondary indicators of changed behaviours resulting from such campaign.



Using modern analytical tools, the Security Knowledge Zone
can provide you with information in the following areas


Unique users and page hits


Popular pages



Trends in site traffic


Review page ratings to guide future content


Our e-Learning courses are SCORM compliant and delivered using Articulate™ which enables the number of attempts and pass rates to be tracked by your LMS.

While completion rates are not evidence of changed behaviour in themselves, polling metrics that bracket the e-Learning session can provide an insight into how awareness and attitudes have shifted as a result of completing the course.


Simulated phishing attacks

Phishing simulation is a useful tool for testing security behaviour.

Phishing simulation enables you to identify where extra training should be targeted. Testing needs to be repeated regularly to provide evidence on the current strength of your defences.

The reports and data from each campaign enable you to measure improvements.


Other ways we can support you

Examples of other evaluation tools that we already use widely in our work with our other clients, and which will be applied as appropriate to your organisation, include:

  • Number/type/severity of security breaches/incidents
  • One-to-one interviews
  • Dip sampling (ad-hoc, one-to-one telephone questionnaires)
  • Focus groups and roadshows
  • Feedback from team briefings

Evidence the change in your company

We host a range of management information tools which enable companies to evidence changes and improvements in learning and behaviour. Become one of them.

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