Do you have board buy-in and support?


Rigorous new legislation and more prolific cyber attacks mean that business leaders are beginning to understand that the financial and reputational impact of an information security breach can be devastating for their company.

We work with executives and board members to help them build a deeper
understanding of the issues and implications.

The issues and implications

Communicating effectively with board members is critical in minimising their frustration about how threats to their company’s information are measured and mitigated.

Our experts engage with executives to examine the value of security as it relates to:

  • Avoiding lost revenue and productivity
  • Customer relationships
  • Legal liability
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Intellectual property
  • Brand protection

"Overall, we help executives and board members understand return on investment (ROI), cost-benefit analysis and security programme trade-offs by articulating business risk versus business value."
Zoe Edmeades, Managing Director

What to expect

TSC works with boards in several ways from:

  • Facilitated focus groups
  • Executives’ masterclass with guest presenters
  • One-to-one interviews

— to providing easy-to-access resources which can quickly engage board members during board meetings:

  • Animated infographics
  • Standard infographics
  • Videos
  • Animations


Security is not just a technical issue.

Addressing it is a people-focussed and operational mission that affects every member of every team throughout an entire company.

The potential fallout from an information security incident poses a serious risk to a company’s overall health, so the board must have security front and centre in their minds.

Need help with board buy-in?

We will work with people at all levels in your organisation. Get in touch to learn how our team could influence your company’s stakeholders.

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