Bespoke education programmes

Using a programme that includes both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, Insight will provide a holistic view of your organisation’s current state of security awareness. It is vital to measure and track the changes in behaviour. Measurement will show the value of the programme and its impact on the organisation’s business strategy and goals. In the last year, for 17 global organisations, Insight has provided a range of security awareness behaviour indicators, suggested the most appropriate communications channels, highlighted potential blockers to success, identified critical areas for improvement and helped to guide where adjustments should be made to deliver the maximum in behavioural change.

Insight - Scoping workshops

One of our core strengths is our ability to work collaboratively with our clients. At The Security Company (TSC) we know that a programme’s success is dependent on having the right stakeholders involved from the very beginning, a mutual understanding of the objectives and senior management buy-in.

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Insight - Focus groups

Our focus groups will establish the current attitudes towards security behaviour. We assess the current state by asking a set of open questions through a series of focus groups and one-to-one key stakeholder interviews. The results provide invaluable data on how your company can improve and together with our Security Awareness…

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Insight - The Security Awareness Behaviour Research (SABR)

SABR is an online questionnaire designed to identify the factors that motivate your employees and affect their security behaviour. Running SABR in conjunction with facilitated focus groups provides a range of security behaviour indicators that guide where enhancements need to be made. By understanding the barriers to desirable practices and…

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Insight - Security awareness strategy

The key to securing your employees’ behaviours is an effective security awareness strategy that is both realistic and supported by your leadership. The Insight programme, with accompanying reports and findings, represents the first phase of information gathering and baselining…

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Engaging the board

Rigorous new legislation and more prolific cyber attacks mean that business leaders are beginning to understand that the financial and reputational impact of an information security breach can be devastating for their company. We work with executives and board members to help them build a deeper understanding of the issues and implications.

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Evidencing behavioural change

Measurement and evidence of improvements in security behaviour are imperative to the awareness process. It is vital to track the changes in behaviour to enable the wider business to understand the progress to maturity. Measurement will show the value of the programme and its impact on the organisation’s business strategy and goals.

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Looking to improve your employees’ security awareness?

For over 20 years TSC has delivered inspiring campaigns which have engaged employees and enabled organisations to become more secure. Interested in becoming one of them?

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