Learning designed for your audience and learning objectives

Sometimes the most effective method of communicating is talking to a group of people and facilitating their learning and understanding in a group session. We can provide face-to-face and instructor-led training and supporting collateral, designed and delivered to your company’s requirements, learning objectives and policies.

How we work

We use a wide range of techniques to maintain engagement and focus during a facilitated learning session.

Our expert trainers bring the subject matter to life by using:

  • Real-life examples
  • Guest presenters
  • Mini polls
  • Up-to-date case studies
  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Live hacks

All training is bespoke and covers areas that are highlighted by your Insight findings.

Do your managers need to increase engagement with their teams?

Line managers play a vital role in interpreting and enacting organisational
policies and practices for employees. However, the ability to relay
communications and learning is a skill not all managers have.
We can support manager cascade by providing engaging support materials
to the security awareness strategy and designed to ignite the
and start conversations.
Something as simple as sharing personal stories such as identity theft
or online scams can be a powerful and emotive way to
bring security messages to life.

Deliver learning they will remember

Our face-to-face sessions are based on your company’s requirements, learning objectives and policies. This style of training enables employee interaction while learning.

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