Prevention is better than cure

Regular upkeep of machinery avoids costly breakdowns. The same applies to your cybersecurity. Wipe away information security risks with our Cyber Spring Clean Collection to keep a clean, breach-free house.

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Cyber Spring Clean Collection

Spring is the time to spruce up those cybersecurity behaviours vital to keeping costly breaches at bay. Remind your staff, in a fun and informative way, how to tidy up their cyber acts and ensure everyone wipes away those cyber risks. Our Cyber Spring Clean Collection includes:

  • Online game
  • Infographic
  • Internal comms article
  • Poster
  • Banner

Use all items together or mix and match. And like any good spring collection you can change the colours and include your logo. Clean up passwords/inbox/social media/mobile devices | Clean desks/lock screen | Anti-virus protection | Classification |

Online game

Play a clean game!

Pick up a sponge and get cleaning. Decide what should and shouldn’t be cleaned. Can you make a clean sweep and score a perfect 100?


Did you know…?

This element of the Cyber Spring Clean Collection uses powerful “I didn’t know that” statistics to wash away misconceptions on seven cybersecurity areas. The infographic can be posted on your intranet, used in awareness training and a range of other areas either in its entirety or in part.

Comms article, poster and banner

Multi-channel content

An old school spring-clean is not complete without some classic tools to complement your online comms channels.

  • Poster — an eye-catching reminder of your Cyber Spring Clean Campaign


  • Banner image — a constant reminder on email footers, your intranet, office monitors and more


  • Article — a powerful, easy-read article to use in a variety of situations



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