Empower your employees with awareness training that will not only protect your business but also prevent potential data breaches. 

From phishing and fraud to ransomware and misplaced data, the cybersecurity threats to your organisation are very real. You need to change human behaviour to avoid human error!

Our comprehensive 30-minute Security Induction eLearning is a proven way to increase employee cyber awareness and establish a ‘Human Firewall’ for your business! For one of our clients, TSC’s Security Induction eLearning was not only “relevant and time-manageable” but also ensured that “staff are more likely to retain the knowledge and actively use it.” 

Alternatively, our 10-minute Five Golden Rules eLearning module covers five key behaviours, that will improve your organisations security awareness.  

The Five Golden Rules can also be presented in the form of an animated infographic to periodically and rapidly refresh cyber security awareness within your workforce.  

Cybersecurity cannot be wrangled by technology alone. Employees are your first line of defence, and you must ensure they are equipped with the right information and trained with the safest responses. 

But what will your employees be gaining from our eLearning packages? 

Security Induction eLearning

Our Security Induction eLearning is an interactive 30-minute module with five learning outcomes and is suitable for all employees at any level in your organisation. It is a jargon-free, yet comprehensive, overview of cybersecurity best practices supported with practical advice so they can avoid common traps and keep your business safe! 

This course will arm any new employee with the right mindset and behaviours to handle sensitive data with care and caution. Users will gain an in-depth understanding of cybersecurity, how it occurs and what they can do to prevent it. 

It is perfect for new employees who are naïve to the pitfalls of fraudulent cyber interactions, whilst also being an engaging refresher for more seasoned workers. Our 30-minute customisable security induction eLearning is interactive, uses innovative examples, engaging visuals and tests your people’s knowledge at key learning points.

Five Golden Rules eLearning 

As mentioned above, our Five Golden Rules eLearning works as a terrific starting point (and refresher) for five vital human behaviours on IT security. This interactive module encourages the learner to take part with engaging slides that present teachings through gamified scenarios.  

The topics covered in our 10-minute short course include: 

  1. Thinking before you click (phishing scams) 
  2. Handling data with care 
  3. Healthy password management 
  4. The importance of a clear desk and screen 
  5. And the confidence to see something and say something (reporting) 

The learning is supplemented with a five-question assessment and feedback, to ensure your people have engaged with the key learning. 

Five Golden Rules animated infographic

Building cybersecurity awareness is just the start; we must also keep an eye on the standard of awareness and, where needed, refresh and remind employees of best practice. 

Our short and engaging Five Golden Rules Animated Infographic is an effortless way for organisations and security officers to support the strong cyber aware culture. It not only covers the five key areas of cybersecurity awareness, it also reminds employees of key learning points and can be used as a refresher throughout the year. 

The infographic can be used on screens, in emails or distributed on your organisation’s online portal for easy access.  

The benefit of security induction training with

The Security Company

Providing staff with an essential and engaging overview of the main aspects of cyber security will ensure they have an awareness and understanding of the key threats they face.  

We appreciate that long and laborious training will lose users and information simply will not be retained. As a result, our training is bite-sized, relevant, customisable and suitable for all employees. As an added bonus, our products are also fully customisable and can be catered to your specifications.

People learn by doing, and having the opportunity to practise new skills with our scenario-based activities, knowledge checks, assessments and signposting to your policies will all support a positive change in their behaviour.

Do you want to establish a strong and sustainable cyber security culture?

The Security Company has the solution for you! 

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