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Why you need to start thinking about supply chain cybersecurity

TSC’s sister organisation, the Security Awareness Special Interest Group (SASIG) connects cybersecurity professionals from all areas. We invite SASIG Supporters to share their cybersecurity insights in The Insider. Here, Context Information Security discusses the security of the supply chain.

You need to look beyond the firewall to maximise your cyber defences

The “I’m all right, Jack” attitude nearly always comes around and bites you. Making your operation as close to 100% cyber safe as possible is all well and good, but what about your supply chain?

What if the businesses that support you are vulnerable to attack? Your own cyber defences could collapse like a house of cards too.

At Context, this is an issue they have made their own. In an intriguing article by John Higginson, Context’s Head of Incident Preparedness, you begin to understand how weaknesses in your supply chain can be exploited, the likely results of these attacks and the ultimate harm your organisation can suffer. That alone should prompt a review of your supply chain cyber security.

Helpfully – and happily – the article concludes with some solid advice on how to reduce cybersecurity risks and protect your business from supply chain weaknesses.

”I’m all right, Jack” may work for a while, but putting in place a robust supply chain cybersecurity strategy will ensure you are protected.

Read the full article over at Context: Why you need to start thinking about supply chain cyber security

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