Our series of reports and white papers offer you an in-depth look at key areas of information security. Not only do they provide detailed analysis of common and emerging cybersecurity risks, they set out practical advice to address them as well.

Use these resources to raise awareness within your organisation and educate your employees to know how to act more securely. And to move that bit closer to changing behaviour and shaping the cybersecurity culture your organisation needs.

White paper

Your people and your risks:
finding balance in the new normal

One crystal clear fact over the last year is that your people matter.

What is less clear is what you need to do to meet the still unfolding realities of the new normal.

This TSC White Paper brings greater clarity to the role your employees play in your organisation’s cybersecurity. It addresses:

  • How do you get messages to an increasingly dispersed workforce?
  • How to keep everyone from the board to the frontline engaged?
  • What helps mitigate and manage people-side cyber risk?

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How to beat the
Cybersecurity culture blocks

In minimising cyber risk and maximising resilience to cyber threats, your organisation’s cybersecurity culture is critical.

And whatever the firmographics and demographics of a business, there will always be blocks barring your way to the creation of the required cybersecurity culture.

This report is an easy-to-follow guide to the four most common blocks to cybersecurity culture success and a compilation of the practical, proven steps you can take to overcome them.

  • Block One – Getting your message across
  • Block Two – Engaging stakeholders entrenched in team silos
  • Block Three – Getting the board to take the lead
  • Block Four – Demonstrating your business impact
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