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1. Raise awareness

Phishing can be seen as little more than an annoyance — it’s vital people are aware of the catastrophic damage a successful attack can wreak.

Internal communication programme
You may not be a communication expert, so let us create your bespoke communication programme.

Animated Information Graphics (AIGs)
Drive your message home with animation that grabs attention and increases retention.

Interactive PDF
Inform your employees and give them easy access to other phishing resources, such as ‘how to’ guides. Upload the PDF to your intranet site or distribute via email.

Article/Yammer posts
Generate content from an article to feed your social networking platform.

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Understanding ‘Why?’ is the key to finding the right measures to combat phishing. Find your most effective combination of channels with our help.

Ensure education for all and reduce variations in knowledge and ability. Your people learn when they want and at a pace comfortable for them.

A 30-minute interactive training session for up to 500 employees, including a live interactive Q&A session. Use the recording in subsequent training, for example with new hires.

Easy-to-digest information on phishing risks and practical advice to address them. Encourage your employees to share the contents with their families and friends, too.

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Let them play!

Motivate and encourage your employees to engage with your phishing programme and play in a safe environment.

Gamification brings the topic to life. It draws on people’s competitive natures and rewards them with a sense of achievement and progression.

Our phishing-specific games increase engagement with your phishing programme enormously.

  • Don’t take the Bait
  • Scam Survival


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Change their behaviour,
minimise your risk

Vulnerability to phishing attacks varies across your company’s demographics. Use simulated phishing to identify your exposed groups and adapt activity to their needs.

Simulated phishing
Support learning on recognising and reporting malicious phishing emails by testing your people’s ability to spot and react appropriately.

Simulated phishing emails contain realistic design elements and incorporate tried and tested social engineering techniques to entice people to enter sensitive information.

Once run, use our detailed simulation analysis to monitor progress and target learning interventions to the employees that need it most.

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Ease my pain!
Help me to get them to think before they click

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