Specsavers has been a familiar name on the high street for more than 30 years, with more than one in three glasses wearers in the UK being its customers.

Specsavers’ reputation is based on being a provider people can trust. It is therefore vital that security risks are mitigated, to make sure that the business can continue to fulfil this promise.

The company trades on still being a family-run business. Increasing the security awareness of Specsavers’ partners and retail staff is viewed as a key loss prevention strategy that ultimately supports the organisation’s profitability.

It also supports the duty of care that Specsavers has to its employees and customers by sharing knowledge of security behaviours that help both at home and whilst travelling on business.

“Their knowledge of security awareness and how to engage with the individual has been invaluable to us. Unlike other suppliers, they took the time to understand the Specsavers’ culture to ensure we produced a really meaningful training solution that’s relevant and engaging to our employees”

Chris Mortlock
Director of Global Information Security, Specsavers

The challenge

Within Specsavers, there was a requirement to deliver a consistent level of information security awareness training that would ensure employees and the business were compliant with key legislation.

Specsavers Optical Group Ltd is a global retail chain, which offers optician services, along with eyeglasses, contact lenses and hearing aids. Employees in the retail stores, based on previous years, were considered a hard-to-reach audience.

With 20,700 employees across its 803 retail stores in the UK and Ireland, and a further 1,332 staff in its UK and Northern European support offices being earmarked for the training, Specsavers needed a solution that brought a great user experience.

The objectives

To provide Specsavers with an information security awareness
e-Learning course that:

  • Delivered learning on identified information security topics in an engaging, entertaining and interactive format, in line with the company values
  • Educated employees about the risks and threats facing Specsavers
  • Delivered role-based learning using clear guidance, best practice advice and relevant scenarios to appeal to specific audience groups
  • Assessed employees’ knowledge and understanding before providing them with constructive feedback
  • Was SCORM compliant for ease of implementation and recording of management information for audit purposes


The course itself was designed to
engage staff with the following topics.

Using your computer securely
Working securely in the office,
retail store and remotely
Working with external third parties
Reporting a security incident


A dedicated project manager and communications specialist from TSC was appointed to ensure the timely delivery of the SCORM-compliant e-learning courses on a bespoke and dedicated server. After in-depth scoping and collaboration with the Specsavers information security team, TSC benchmarked the current standards of security awareness within Specsavers

and diagnosed the most probable areas of security-related human error and risk. Understanding the Specsavers culture was key to ensuring the scenario-based content was highly relevant to the user to encourage a change in behaviour, rather than an increase in resistance.

Based on these findings TSC created and delivered:

  • A bespoke e-Learning tool

    – a comprehensive training solution to educate employees about the risks and threats facing Specsavers, based on key information and learning from the information security team. Combining interactive modules and clear guidance to deliver best practice advice to employees before assessing their knowledge and understanding, then providing feedback. Modules and course content were designed for different target groups within Specsavers; segmented training for office audience, retail audience and a specialised module for management.

  • An animated infographic

    – an animation which focused on key themes and risk areas within the business. This useful and memorable learning aid is used within Specsavers’ induction programme to inform new starters to ‘Secure the information, Protect the brand’.

The results

“The results speak for themselves. TSC provided us with a clear direction, bringing insight into how we could improve the security-awareness culture of Specsavers and provide some great learning outcomes.

Working in close collaboration with our security team, TSC has helped provide us with this wonderful foundation to build upon. I’m immensely proud of what we’ve accomplished. 
Our objective now is to sustain the education and build upon these figures.”

Chris Mortlock
Director of Global Information Security, Specsavers

Evidence the change in your company

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