Help your employees work securely at home,
in the office, and on the go.

Both public and private sectors continue to embrace hybrid working and many rejoice at the flexibility and improved work life balance it brings.

However, with hybrid working comes an expanded attack surface and vulnerabilities, which cybercriminals have wasted no time in exploiting.

In this free downloadable PDF, we provide practical advice on essential precautions your employees need to take to stay secure, no matter where they are working from.

Created for hybrid workers, this PDF complements your existing cybersecurity awareness and training programme.

Circulate it internally within your organisation to further improve your cybersecurity defences.


Download now

Precautions covered:

  • Connecting remotely and at home
  • Security procedures for working at home
  • Security procedures for working on the go
  • How to protect your devices

Download your free Hybrid working PDF

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