Can you mitigate an incident quickly?

The IRMS is a simple, online tool for your company to identify and report security incidents. This tool has dynamic functionality, can be fully customised and can report multiple incidents at once. The tool streamlines reporting and investigation workflows, enabling you to identify root causes and mitigate the risk faster.

For compliance and audit purposes, it is important to have a tool that effectively captures incidents and provides reliable management information and data for future planning.

What can the Incident Report Management System (IRMS) do?

    • The IRMS enables the capture of all relevant incident information by guiding the employee through a series of questions, using pre-populated fields, ensuring you have all the detail you need to assess the risk
    • It has automated email notifications
    • The IRMS admin team can view the audit feature to track access and system updates
    • The tool automatically alerts the ICT admin team when no action has been taken within agreed timeframes
    • The system provides historical data of approvals and rejections alongside approver comments

It has the facility for the
investigating officer to:

Establish and confirm facts
Identify actions taken by a specific deadline
Record additional information by way of a separate series of questions,
using pre-populated and free-text fields

Could your company benefit from an IRMS?

With over 20 years’ experience and a range of tools, our team knows how to maximise employee security awareness and deliver lasting behavioural change.

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