GDPR more than three years on...

…and still the data breaches keep coming – more than 1,000 have been reported to the ICO every month since GDPR came into effect on 25 May 2018.

Overwhelmingly, this reinforces the need to continuously monitor, review and update your GDPR performance – no matter the industry or size of company you work in, or data complexity you handle.

We know that you can’t just re-hash last year’s GDPR campaign.

To elicit those vital changes in staff behaviour, your GDPR refresher programme must be:

  • Creative

  • Eye-catching

  • Engaging

To help you, we have developed a GDPR Refresher pack to enhance and develop your employees’ data skill and knowledge.

Our collection of engaging communications and learning resources will embed best data protection practices into your business and maximise your GDPR compliance.

In addition, we have compiled a free ‘GDPR – one year on’ eBook that looks at what’s happened in the year since GDPR came in to force and covers GDPR core principles.

Download your free ‘GDPR – one year on’ eBook and get right back up to GDPR speed.

Your GDPR Refresher pack contains:


Reinforces why GDPR is important. It can be personalised.


Reinforces key learning points about data protection with a personalised call to action.


Three messages about GDPR for use on your intranet or email footers.

Animated Infographic (AIG)

The essentials of GDPR  in just two minutes.

Static Infographic

Covers common and high profile data breaches and the key lessons learnt.


Targeting employees’ current knowledge gaps.

Unique eLearning course with pre-course assessment

Employees start by answering 10 questions. Then, if required, are directed to the areas of the course where they have knowledge gaps.

They complete only the learning that is relevant to them before re-taking the assessment.

Our experience shows this approach elicits higher employee engagement and is a better utilisation of time and resources.

Animated Infographic (AIG)

The AIG revisits the essentials of data protection, including GDPR principles and key responsibilities.

It also has a graphical representation of the main risk areas of phishing and system hacking.

Static infographic

The static infographic has a wealth of information on the most common types of data breaches over the year, the high profile breaches and the key lessons learnt.

What they say about our GDPR solutions

When GDPR came in on 25 May 2018, we worked with clients across many industries to ease the path to educate and instil the required behavioural change.

We saw tangible results among our clients.

Here’s what one client said:

“As I had hoped and expected, having worked with The Security Company before, their knowledge of security awareness and how to engage with the individual has been invaluable to us.

“Unlike other suppliers, they took the time to understand our culture to ensure we produced a really meaningful training solution that’s relevant and engaging to our employees.”

Refresh your GDPR knowledge today

Interested in learning more about the GDPR Refresher pack? Our information security Awareness consultants would love to hear from you. Get in touch by email, phone or use our online booking system to arrange a call.

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