You’re not the only one looking forward to Christmas

The festive period is a wonderful time for fraudsters looking to steal from you.

And it’s not your mince pies they’re after…

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has shown that over Christmas 2019 there were 17,405 reports of online shopping fraud, with a loss of £13.5 million — an average of £775 per incident.*

While your employees are busy buying festive gifts, cybercriminals are equally busy planning their next attack.

And it’s not just attacks on individuals. In the last twelve months 39% of businesses and 26% of charities report having suffered cybersecurity breaches or attacks in the last 12 months.**

Cybercriminals use a variety of techniques and play on goodwill to exploit and steal sensitive commercial information.

Our festive campaign reminds your employees of the common tricks we always see at this time, and provides the tips to protect against them.

In a very fun and entertaining manner it helps reinforce those good cyber practices that need to last throughout the year.

So while good information security practice is for life, the festive season is a time to be especially on guard…

…because criminals don’t take holidays.


An escape room-style challenge for all the family

Time is running out!
Help Parsnip, Pepper, Pea and Nutmeg to safety in this multi-player, escape room-style game. 

Learning objectives:

  • Raise awareness of the risks of posting personal information on social media
  • Improve skills in spotting fake URLs
  • Improve skills in the creating and remembering strong passwords
  • Raise awareness of 2021’s biggest cybersecurity threats


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How well can your people spot a festive cyber scam?

Use gamification to raise your employees’ cybersecurity awareness.

  • Answer 5 cybersecurity questions correctly to proceed to the game
  • Whack the cyber elves to score the most points in 30 seconds
  • Receive points for hitting an elf, but lose points for hitting our cybersecurity champions, Parsnip Peppar and Pea
  • Encourages participation and increases engagement with a leader board or prize for the highest score (optional)


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Festive Team Quiz

Are there any Noel-it-alls in your company?!

Test your people’s knowledge and offer a chance to win a prize.

  • Do they know the common types of scams?
  • Do they know how to protect themselves and their families?

A facilitated activity that can be delivered by team managers, trainers or cybersecurity professionals.

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Digital Advent Calendar

Daily cybersecurity tips

Make cybersecurity easier to understand.

  • Employees open a new door each day to reveal a cyber fact or statistic, along with an associated top tip to stay safe
  • Door opening can be spread across working days only or every day of the week
  • Encourage participation and increase engagement by incorporating a free prize draw for employees who open all doors (optional)
  • Combine the game with our Parsnip comic strip to reinforce key security awareness messages(optional)


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Parsnip's Christmas Safety Rules

Brand new chapter (now six in the series)

This engaging comic strip helps educate employees on common seasonal scams and how to keep children safe online

  • Ideal for your people’s children to learn about cybersecurity.
  • Use the comic strip with the digital advent calendar to strengthen the messages and advice (optional)
  • Six chapters in total


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Avoid the fraudsters this Christmas.

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