A digital footprint is more than just a privacy risk 

Your employee’s digital footprint could pose a significant cyber risk to your company.  

Cyber attacks often rely on social engineering and some of the clues hackers use to trick us are can be found in our digital footprints. 

Companies need to understand the link between a digital footprint and cybercrime vulnerabilities, as well as providing employees with the necessary tools and knowledge to mitigate this risk. 

We have created a series of resources that can help. 


Digital Footprint eLearning

Our Digital Footprint eLearning is a quick 10-minute course, supplemented with 5 assessment questions and full feedback to inform individual learning and development.  

Your employees will: 

  • Learn what a digital footprint is 
  • Understand how to protect their privacy using cookie settings 
  • Understand why it is important to limit what they share, post, and save online  

This course is ready made and requires no customisation. We can add your logo and send the files ready to upload into your LMS.  Or alternatively we can customise with content amends and colours through to full branding and tone of voice. 

Password cracking digital activity

This activity takes your employees into the world of a hacker. They will see how easy it is to mine data from a social media account and use software to crack a password.  This digital activity is supplied as a URL and includes a top ten tips PDF. We can host this activity on our server or, alternatively, it can also be hosted on your own.   

Your Digital Footprint eBook

Download this eBook now to find out more about: 

  • Active vs. passive digital footprints 
  • Cookie preferences 
  • How your Digital Footprint is used 
  • The ‘Should I care’ and the ‘I accept’ culture 
  • Benefits of a positive digital footprint 

Speak to us about our library of customised and non-customised resources on this and other cyber security topics which includes:

  • Articles 
  • Static infographics 
  • Leaflets 
  • Animated gifs 
  • Animated infographics 
  • Team activities 
  • Competitions 

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