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How to make cybersecurity training more fun

Employee jumping with excitement as his organisation is providing fun cybersecurity training and awareness.

The importance of cybersecurity has elevated to the next level after the dramatic changes in our working patterns due to the pandemic. The world has never been more reliant on internet technology, which now resides on less secure home networks.

One line of defence against cyber threats is, of course, ensuring your employees are appropriately trained. So how can you make your employees engage more with new training? It could be the difference between an attack being successful or not. People always engage more with fun activities, so let’s look at some creative ideas about how to make cybersecurity training more enjoyable in order to help participants be fully invested

People love prizes

Promote prizes for the first, second and third person to complete the training at a 100% pass rate, first time. This will increase the speed and focus of training completion. This would work in a remote, hybrid or workplace based model.

Prize draw

When the training is promoted, mention that the first, however many people, to complete the training at a 100% pass rate, first time, will be entered into a prize draw. This will help to boost completion rates and incentivise accuracy. This would work in a remote, hybrid or workplace based model.

Collective learning

Depending on your business’ team structure you may have close-knit teams. Why not book out time in the calendar for each team to complete the cybersecurity training in a meeting room with an activity to work through together as a group. This will give employees some time out of their scheduled day to focus on the training and spend time with their colleagues. If you have a budget you could also incentivise it with lunch or snacks. This would work in a remote, hybrid or workplace based model.

Lunch and learn

Depending on your workplace model and budget, you could offer a paid-for working lunch out for teams that complete the training together. This would provide a more informal environment to enable learning and make the cybersecurity training something to look forward to. This would work best in a hybrid or workplace based model.


Cybersecurity training games offer a great way to differentiate training materials, incentivise engagement and help cyber training to be more enjoyable. The Security Company offers a range of games for you to deploy. You can also get in touch with us to company-brand these games for you or for us to develop entirely bespoke games. This would work in a remote, hybrid or workplace based model.

Post-training quiz offering prizes to the winner

For everyone who has completed the training, you could organise a post-training ‘pub quiz’ in groups, either on a video call or face-to-face. The winning group would receive a prize, providing an incentive for employees to really take on board the cybersecurity training. This would work in a remote, hybrid or workplace based model.

Cybersecurity day

If you have a hybrid working model, why not offer a ‘cybersecurity day’ where teams can come in to complete training and a range of other activities together. This could be supplemented with lunch, refreshments and/or prizes for completion of the training and activities. This could also be organised as a ‘roadshow’ where the event comes to the workplace. This would work best in a hybrid working model.

Don’t forget TSC has a wide selection of interactive cybersecurity eLearning courses, activities and games for you to choose from. We can customise these to your brand identity or create new, bespoke materials for you to roll out to your business. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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