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The European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) is an awareness campaign that promotes cybersecurity among EU citizens. It advocates changing the perception of cyber-threats through education and sharing good practice in data and information security.

How we can help

TSC has created a cybersecurity awareness communication and activity pack aligned with the European Cyber Security Month topics for 2018. Using our ready-made topical and engaging communications, you will have a steady stream of cyber awareness activities to assist with embedding culture change and safer information security principles within the business.

What the campaign includes

An introductory email which you can personalise with key messages for the month, plus…

Week 1

Cyber hygiene

Topics: Cyber tips including mobile devices, clear desk, clear screen and using public WiFi Materials include:

  • A top ten cyber tips static infographic
  • A web banner
  • A 500-word email or article

Week 2

Digital skills

Topics: Identifying and assessing the basic skills needed to safely use and navigate digital environments Materials include:

  • A digital quiz that includes ten questions plus feedback
  • A web banner
  • A 500-word email or article

Week 3

Spotting cyber scams

Topics: Social engineering, phishing, fake websites and malicious advertising Materials include:

  • A two-minute interactive digital game
  • A web banner
  • A 500-word email or article

Week 4

Emerging technologies

Topics: Data never rests, social media, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence Materials include:

  • A four-page interactive PDF
  • A web banner
  • A 500-word email or article

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How to use the campaign materials

These materials can provide weekly communications, integrate into your existing communications programme or be used as a launch platform for a whole year of cyber security awareness.


Some simple customisation is included, which consists of the addition of your company logo and up to two colours from your company colour palette. No content customisation is required.

Capture attention with a powerful campaign

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