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Who is TSC and what can you do for me?

We are a blend of consultancy, communications agency and training provider.

We help you achieve the security behaviours your organisation needs to minimise exposure to cybersecurity risk and maximise cyber resilience.

How does TSC work with me?

We work with you to identify your current cybersecurity landscape and objectives (achieved through intelligence gathering and analysis). From there together we develop and deploy a progamme that raises awareness and knowledge among your employees — the objective to drive the behavioural and cultural change required to achieve your goals.

The programme comprises the appropriate combination of online learning, face-to-face training and communication activity. We can deliver individual components through to precisely-tailored and comprehensive packages that form a core element of your security programme.

Can you help me with my GDPR and other compliance requirements?

A specialist TSC area is advising and training clients who handle lots of customer data and operate in a heavily regulated industry. We offer a range of communication and learning resources designed to embed best data protection and compliance practices into your organisation.

Can I get bespoke training based on my organisation’s requirements?

Yes. We work with you and your key stakeholders to understand your specific goals and requirements. From this we develop training across subject areas, company departments or any areas you need to target.

How can I show my board that employee behaviour has changed?

Through comprehensive measurements and insightful analysis. We use the data to establish where your organisation is before you deploy activity and where it is afterwards. The analysis uncovers where things have worked well, and not so well. Over time, you can precisely target specific activity to ‘hot spots’.

This puts you in a strong position to demonstrate the effects of your security programme to your CEO, board and other stakeholders.

Is TSC online learning available in multiple languages?

Yes, sí, oui, ja. We currently offer our online learning in 16 languages. We are open to adapt our modules to additional languages to suit your organisation.

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