Help your employees and organisation stay safe
during the festive period


The festive period is a wonderful time for fraudsters. While many of us love nothing more than eating a traditional meal with loved ones or shopping in the sales, cybercriminals love this season for different reasons. They want to steal our money, our information and our identities. They will exploit our seasonal goodwill using a range of ever-changing and complex techniques…. 

Help keep your employees safe this festive season.

Treat yourself and your company to an early present and take advantage of our festive cybersecurity campaign.

Containing games, infographics, a digital advent calendar and other engaging content, our new ‘Staying safe, shopping and seasonal scams’ campaign doesn’t just teach your employees how to protect against the common tricks and cons we always see at this time, it also uses behavioural change methodology to ensure they carry on good cyber practices throughout the year.

While good information security practice is for life, the festive season is a time to be especially on guard…

…because criminals don’t take holidays.


Interactive game

This game uses gamification and competition to increase your employees’ cybersecurity awareness.

  • Players must answer five cybersecurity questions correctly to proceed to the game
  • The objective is to score maximum points in 30 seconds by ‘whacking’ the pesky cyber elves
  • Players receive points for hitting an elf, but will lose points for hitting our cybersecurity champions, Parsnip Peppar or Pea
  • Encourage participation and increase engagement by incorporating a leader board or offering a prize for the highest scorer (optional)


Secure your colleagues’ festive season


Spot the risks:
Work from home edition

Interactive game

Spot the 10 information and cybersecurity risks in this home-working scene and raise your employees knowledge of the working from home cyber risks.

    • Encourage participation/increase engagement by incorporating a prize draw for players who complete the game (optional)
    • Players receive one point for clicking on a threat but lose a point for clicking on a red herring
    • A festive, work from home edition of our popular
      spot the risks game

Secure your colleagues’ festive season


The adventures of
Parsnip the Penguin

Comic strip

An engaging comic strip format which helps educate employees on common seasonal scams and how to keep children safe online.

  • In the story, we follow Parsnip with his cybersecurity woes as he is tricked by the cyber elves
  • As the story unfolds, the tide is turned, and we see Parsnip teaching his friends and family about cybersecurity
  • Add the comic strip into our digital advent calendar to provide more context around the cyber scams Parsnip and friends face (optional)

Secure your colleagues’ festive season


Daily security tips

Digital advent calendar

Make cybersecurity easy to understand.

  • Employees open a new door each day to reveal a cyber fact or statistic about one of the 12 cyber scams, along with an associated top tip to stay safe
  • Door opening can be spread across working days only or every day
    of the week
  • Encourage participation and increase engagement by incorporating
    a free prize draw for employees who open all the advent calendar doors (optional)
  • Combine the game with our Parsnip the Penguin comic strip to reinforce key security awareness messages (optional)

Secure your colleagues’ festive season


Set the Christmas scene

Festive facts and quiz

A fun infographic that can be used as a quick quiz during a team meeting or by individual users.

  • In this scene, a number of characters are facing a festive dilemma
  • Key themes include seasonal cyber scams and staying safe on social media
  • The infographic also provides context in the form of topical cyber statistics
  • All answers are provided on the following page

The campaign can be bought as a complete pack or you can just select the individual elements you want.

And if you order all five elements before Friday 13 November, we’ll include the static infographic free as a festive gift from us to you!

Secure your colleagues’ festive season


Complement your new festive campaign...


The resources below can be purchased and used in combination with the Staying safe, shopping and seasonal scams campaign.

If you would like to find out more or request a demo, just add the name of the game or resource to the Additional information box on the form above.

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