You’re not the only one looking forward to Christmas


The festive period is a wonderful time for fraudsters looking to scam you out of your money, identity and, of course, presents. They exploit your goodwill and use a range of techniques to steal your precious information.

Our advice is to treat yourself and your company to an early present and purchase our Twelve Scams of Christmas campaign. Containing games, infographics, a digital advent calendar and other engaging content, Twelve Scams of Christmas highlights how to protect against the common tricks and cons we always see at this time.

While good information security practice is for life, Christmas is a time to be especially on guard…

…because criminals don’t take holidays.

Game 1

Spot the risks (with optional prize draw)

An office decorated for Christmas but littered with security lapses. Help Parsnip spot the 10 information security risks in the festive scene.

You can incentivise your colleagues through the built-in prize draw.

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Game 2

Security slalom (with optional high score prize)

Choose from three runs, answer questions on Christmas scams and help Parsnip ski the course safely.

You could even offer a prize for the highest score.

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Static infographic

The Twelve Scams of Christmas

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This infographic highlights — in a festive way — twelve common Christmas scams.

Use on- or offline as a poster in communication campaigns and/or use the scam graphics individually (perhaps as posters or email banners).

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Digital advent calendar

Daily security tips (with optional prize draw)

Opening a door reveals one of the Twelve Scams of Christmas and how to protect yourself against it. This novel device can work with the infographic to reinforce the campaign’s core safety messages.

You could offer entry into a prize draw for visiting the advent calendar.

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Comms article

Set the Christmas scene

A ready-made article for your internal comms campaign.

It neatly summarises the reasons behind the Twelve Scams of Christmas campaign, and drives home the message that extra vigilance is needed at work, at home and when out and about.

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Avoid the fraudsters this Christmas.

Contact us to help you protect your organisation against those Christmas scams.

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