Mike Bailey

Head of Marketing

I have been lucky to have worked across several countries and cultures. Consequently, it is rare that client requests surprise me. As change and communications consultant, I am sure this claim will be challenged! A big sport and dog lover, I am also an hispanophile having lived and worked in Spain for 14 years. Always available but calls during Real Madrid games may go to voicemail.

Security tip: The number of people in your security team is equal to the number of people in your company multiplied by their social media accounts.


A CISO’s guide to: Baseline Behavioural Research

Changing everyone’s behaviour can be done ‘Know thy enemy’ is a mantra often on the lips of the threat-aware...

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A CISO’s guide to the CEO’s difficult questions

It’s a scenario we’re all familiar with: “Good morning, Mr Bailey, please take a seat. The interview will...

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A CISO's guide to: creative employee awareness campaigns

Comms campaigns may not be your forte so take a leaf from the Internal Communication handbook to get your message...

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