Martin Leggett

Head of Strategy and Behavioural Change

As head of strategy and behavioural change, I lead my team in the creation and delivery of strategic programmes that transform the security culture of major organisations across the globe. Such programmes hone in on the human factor in security, engaging people through the understanding and shaping of values. That is when I am not Morris dancing, biking or perfecting the Crow Pose.

Security tip: Delete unused social media accounts and manage the privacy settings of your existing accounts with care and attention.


A CISO’s guide to: Evidencing behavioural change

“Measures maketh the man” – something, surely, only the board could cobble together. Professor Heisenberg...

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Compliance vs Behavioural Change - How to win over your board

Good news! The exec has decided (and the board has concurred): next up on your ‘to do’ list, just moments...

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Cybersecurity: Why your board won't listen

So why exactly isn’t your board listening? Well actually, they are. The problem is that what you are saying...

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A CISO's guide to the end of year report

In this latest article from the ‘CISO's guide to’ series, we show CISOs how to sum up a year’s worth of...

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SASIG Scandinavia – a smörgåsbord of cybersec insight

Build it and they will come, they say. And so they did. Nearly 100 delegates packed into the inaugural SASIG...

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6 reasons your behavioural change plan failed

Or...why behavioural change plans fail to engage and inspire change with your employees. The best laid plans...

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Diversity to solve problem of bias in AI

Martin Leggett explores a new angle to diversity. The diversity problem in cybersecurity has gained another...

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Evolution of threats and phishing

Treating threats as though they’re human - three blips on the threat radar and what you can do about...

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Construction and cyber – fundamental foundations

Martin Leggett talks hard hats and hackers with Steve Witty of Willmott Dixon. By his own admission, Steve...

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Cyber culture in the time of COVID

The shock, the dance and the new normal. It may not have been the virus that they planned for. But CISOs around...

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Let’s be open about phishing

This article is taken from our white paper, ‘Your people and your risks: finding balance in the new normal’ in...

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