Bebe Lees

Head of Communications

My passion for enabling learning and development is a great fit with my role as a Head of Communications with The Security Company. I work with a fabulous team of people creating engaging content on information security. With a long career in learning and development and now as a published author, I love it when people say ‘ahhh, now I get it’. My other passion is dogs, with four of my own. I also get a dog fix when I come to work and Doris is here.

Security tip: Do not open any links or documents from unknown sources.


Why do employees avoid reading policies?

To read or not to read, that is the question. So, what is the answer? Well, it often depends on who you ask. For the...

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How adults learn - what is the magic question?

There may be no stupid questions, but some are definitely better than others. Ask the right questions about...

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3 types of insider threat and what to do about them

Updated 06 October '20 Many companies take careful measures to protect their critical assets from external...

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GDPR - One year on

This year has demonstrated that protecting personal data continues to be a challenge for companies across the...

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3 reasons to consider gamification as part of your information security programme

What is gamification? Gamification is the application of gaming techniques and elements into any non-gaming...

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Our world has changed, has GDPR evolved with it?

Cast your mind back to preparations for the new year 2020, the resolutions you made, and the plans formulated for...

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Phishing — what do cybercriminals know about us?

Our fear, stress and uncertainty lower cyber defences. When you clicked to read this article, you may have...

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The cybersecurity threat landscape for pharmaceuticals

Industry focus: Information and cybersecurity issues and solutions are not created equal across sectors. Here we set...

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Cyber Security Month 2021

Are you ready? Ready for what you may ask? To tackle an increase in phishing emails? To put defences in...

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