Nas Ali

B2B Content Marketing Lead

I am a content creator and marketing professional having spent four years in the national broadcast industry as a Writer, Producer and Director, as well as comprehensive experience as a Social Media Executive and Marketer. My role as B2B Content Marketing Lead at TSC means that I get to work on marketing campaigns from the very first stage to rollout day, all the while producing effective and engaging content to highlight TSC’s services. As a marketer in an ever-evolving industry like cybersecurity, we have to stay focused, informed, and innovative.

Security tip: Mobile devices are now massive targets for malware and hackers. Keep your device updated so hackers cannot exploit unpatched vulnerabilities and only install apps from legitimate marketplaces and trusted sources.


Cybersecurity in the Metaverse

In the summer of 2021, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg detailed a new focus for his social networking company; a $162...

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Top email security takeaways from 2021

This is a guest blog written by the amazing folks over at Guardian Digital. If you are interested in guest...

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Cybernews interviews our Managing Director: “to establish a strong cybersecurity culture, clear communication is key”

“Regurgitating knowledge alone does not equate to improved security behaviours”. With remote working models...

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The differences between free and paid cybersecurity awareness training 

Would you implement free security software organisation wide? No? Then why would you opt for free cybersecurity...

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Password security advice: best tips for generating strong passwords 

In today’s online space, generating, managing, and remembering hundreds of passwords for accounts and websites...

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Cybersecurity in the Metaverse: Part 2

In last month’s edition of The Insider, TSC took a deep dive into the metaverse and the various cybersecurity issues...

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Data classification and its continued importance to data security 

Information security is not just a legal requirement, it is necessary to maintain an organisation’s reputation,...

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Password psychology: why are people so lax with passwords? 

In 2004, Microsoft founder Bill Gates predicted that traditional passwords would soon be extinct. In some capacity...

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