They are the perfect blend of vivacious, creative and enthusiastic people who seem to morph into an extension of your own team effortlessly.


Zoe Edmeades

Managing Director

I am blessed to lead a dynamic team of experts with innovative services that really make a difference to the organisations we work with. I absolutely love my job and the people I work with. What we do is not a single event, it’s a way of life. When I am not living and breathing TSC I can be found curled up with my dogs by the fire, being tortured by my personal trainer or gossiping with my teenage girls.

Security tip: Don’t let your devices connect automatically to public Wi-Fi services and ensure they are safe before you do connect.


Tony Edmeades

Operations Director

Having responsibility for ensuring that the business has the best working environment and processes is a challenge I relish. I am never happier than when assessing new systems and work flows to ensure team efficiency and a cohesive approach to the services we provide. This is only made easier with the highly talented team we have. Outside of work I’m a bit of a fitness freak and with a 10k run, a three-day boot camp and the Three Peaks Challenge already booked up, it’s going to be a great year.

Security tip: When travelling for business or pleasure, reduce your risk by only ever taking the information and devices you need for your trip.

Bebe Lees

Head of Communications

My passion for enabling learning and development is a great fit with my role as a Head of Communications with The Security Company. I work with a fabulous team of people creating engaging content on information security. With a long career in learning and development and now as a published author, I love it when people say ‘ahhh, now I get it’. My other passion is dogs, with four of my own. I also get a dog fix when I come to work and Doris is here.

Security tip: Do not open any links or documents from unknown sources.


Jenny Mandley

Head of Business Development

Exploring the possibilities, pushing the boundaries and building relationships to find information security solutions for our clients is a challenge I relish. Consultancy experience in education, financial services and recruitment has developed my ability to be holistic, inclusive, creative and flexible whatever the complex needs of our clients are. Coffee and cake helps too!

Security tip: When you are out and about, hide and lock your valuables away – don’t give anyone the opportunity or inclination to take what is yours.

Ellie Brown

Business Development Executive

Having spent most of my career so far in the financial sector, I have continually been made aware of security threats. I am equally aware of how unsure staff can be about whose responsibility security is. As Business Development Executive at TSC, I engage and build relationships with businesses to help them raise security awareness and find information security solutions. We are in this together.

Security tip: Double check that email before you click the link. Spelling errors? Impersonal? Do you really know who sent it?

Lauren Groom

Content Specialist

I have experience in various sectors, from market research and commercial operations through to creative copywriting. As a Content Specialist, I'm able to use this experience and my passion for writing to create accurate and engaging communications for our clients. I love nothing more than learning something new, whether that is the latest phishing techniques or methods for cat whispering, although I haven’t yet succeeded in training my cats to do the housework.

Security tip: Don’t assume that the padlock in your browser window means a website is safe. Look out for signs of a fake website, including spelling and grammar mistakes and misspelt URLs.


Conor McKenna

B2B Digital Marketing Lead

I have a variety of experience within marketing covering multiple sectors, from digital marketing for businesses within the print industry to working as a marketing consultant in the IT service management industry. My role as digital marketing executive at TSC means I get to work across multiple campaigns, creating and distributing informative and engaging content. Working within such a dynamic business and industry has enables me draw on and utilise all my past experience within digital marketing.

Security tip: Become familiar with the privacy policies of the social media channels you use and customise your privacy settings to control who sees what.


Sarah Parkins

Head of Projects and Delivery

There is never a dull moment working in the Projects & Delivery team! I love the challenge of coming up with exciting, innovative and fun ways to deliver our clients’ messages. Away from work, I am a squash-playing, mountain-walking, dog-loving ex-Bluecoat — quite an eclectic mix but that’s pretty much the norm around here which makes for a very interesting and diverse crew.

Security tip: Be vigilant and prudent in all your communication channels, both personal and professional.


Sue Ager

Client and Project Manager

It’s an exciting time to be part of TSC with some amazing products being developed to support organisations and their employees to stay safe online. As project manager, it’s great to be using my previous experience to deliver the highest standards of customer service. Away from work, I love walking with my Labrador, playing tennis and getting together with friends and good food!

Security tip: Think before you click! Beware of opening attachments from unknown sources.

David Ridpath

Software Developer

As software developer at TSC I am constantly looking to improve the technology we use in order to deliver the best products and services to our customers. Previously, I have worked as a developer in the Education sector and in various industries including Finance. I enjoy streamlining the technology stack and looking for new ways to make the development cycle more efficient.

Security tip: Always visit your bank and shopping sites via your own links and not through emails.

Wendy Tobitt

eLearning Developer

Having a graphic design background, I enjoy the complexity of developing interactive training courses whilst making sure they look engaging to the user. I’ve previously worked in pharmaceutical and technical software sectors, so being a relative newbie to TSC, I’m enjoying learning how important being cyber secure is. I’ve recently moved to Suffolk, so I’m having fun exploring the county and it’s coastline, I love to Lindy Hop and Balboa and enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Security tip: Check your emails carefully and do not open attachments unless they’re from a known, trusted source.

Lee Inskip

LMS Administrator and eLearning Developer

With over 20 years’ experience in the digital learning industry, my passion is creating great learning experiences that are engaging and have a real positive impact on people’s skills and behaviours. Previously I have worked in rail and hospitality sectors as a digital learning specialist and have developed information security training for a number of different companies. This has given me a great insight into our customers challenges and requirements. Away from work I love getting on the local rivers in my kayak – but only when the weather is fine!

Security tip: Even if an email initially looks like it if from a reliable source, if it asks you to supply some personal information, just take a moment to check in more detail.

Helen Goatley

Client & Project Manager

As the new Client and Project Manager for TSC I bring along a wealth of experience across the creative, public, and private sectors. I am a good listener who can emphasise and understand the needs of a client, to deliver a first-class service. Away from work I have 3 sports mad teenagers and spend most weekends watching them compete in cross country and rugby competitions. If I manage to squeeze in some time, I love to swim and enjoy spinning classes.

Security tip: Follow the same approach as you would in your home environment and use the right tools to keep your devices and information secure

Megan Edmeades-Jones

Projects Coordinator

After studying criminal and corporate investigations, I knew I wanted a career where I could influence change and support businesses to mitigate their risks. As someone who has been a victim of cybercrime, I also understand the devastating impact cyber criminals can have. I am thrilled to be part of the project management team at TSC who always go above and beyond to raise awareness in a fun and interactive way.

Security tip: Passwords act as a first line of security against illegal access to your computer and personal data. Use symbols and numbers to create a strong password; do not use your name or any other personal information.

Nas Ali

B2B Content Marketing Lead

I am a content creator and marketing professional having spent four years in the national broadcast industry as a Writer, Producer and Director, as well as comprehensive experience as a Social Media Executive and Marketer. My role as B2B Content Marketing Lead at TSC means that I get to work on marketing campaigns from the very first stage to rollout day, all the while producing effective and engaging content to highlight TSC’s services. As a marketer in an ever-evolving industry like cybersecurity, we have to stay focused, informed, and innovative.

Security tip: Mobile devices are now massive targets for malware and hackers. Keep your device updated so hackers cannot exploit unpatched vulnerabilities and only install apps from legitimate marketplaces and trusted sources.


Tony Eftihiou

Creative Artworker

I've been a Creative Artworker for longer than I care to remember. A considerable amount of my career has been focused on the automotive sector, so joining TSC is a real departure for me, and a great opportunity to continue to learn and grow in an environment with very different design requirements. I was aware of the importance of cybersecurity, but since becoming part of The Security Company team I'm starting to understand just how essential it is – to protect both individuals and organisations alike from an ever-increasing number of online threats. I'm looking forward to playing my part in sharing that insight.

Security tip: Security tip: Keep your operating systems up-to-date to ensure that you have the latest security patches in place.

Joanna Bastable

Client & Project Manager

As a client project manager, I am excited to use my corporate experience in global customer management and I am very pleased to be part of the great TSC team. Outside of work, I have two sons so spend most of my time watching them in various sports matches. I also help on my family farm and love spending time outdoors.

Security tip: Never underestimate the importance of a long and strong password.

Kelly Pipes

Content Specialist, Communications

Many years of writing consumer-facing creative copy and developing campaign concepts has prepped me well for my role at TSC. There is nothing I love more than approaching complex briefs with a creative eye and aiming to connect deeply with the most important people of all – your employees. I trained and worked as a reporter too, so cyber security news is a constant companion as I work. Cyber risks and threats evolve at breakneck speed, and organisations need a trusted partner to turn to for relevant, relatable, reliable internal communications. That’s TSC.

Security tip: A long and strong password will defend your accounts from the most relentless brute force hacking attacks. Use three words combined with special characters and numbers.

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