They are the perfect blend of vivacious, creative and enthusiastic people who seem to morph into an extension of your own team effortlessly.


Abigail Collins

Content Editor

As a Girlguiding leader and former teacher, I am passionate about creating new and exciting learning opportunities. My eye for detail means I have also been dubbed the pixel police by TSC colleagues. We can come up with some wacky ideas at TSC, so part of my job is finding ways to bring them to life. Developing our products and pushing the boundaries of technology drives us, so we’re always learning too.

Security tip: Screens are like doors – deter intruders by locking devices (such as laptops and mobiles), to protect systems and information.

Adam Zamczyk

e-Learning Developer and CMS Administrator

I use my expertise to combine unique and bespoke designs and engaging content into a perfectly delivered product. I aim for every creation, from e-Learning to games, to meet the client's requirements and most importantly, enhance the learners’ experience.

Security tip: Every password should be unique. Don’t reuse passwords - use a secure and trusted tool to generate and remember passwords.

Aisling Green

Marketing Manager

I head up marketing for TSC and SASIG Events. Over the past year I have been working hard on rebrands, new websites and everything in between! I love working with such a dynamic and energetic bunch of people. It is never a dull day at TSC and a definite perk is our beautiful countryside office.

Security tip: Invest in a multi-device password manager. Should your device be stolen, or your data compromised, such a password manager will prove to be an invaluable resource.

Alena Ayers

Delivery Coordinator

I work as part of the delivery team developing e-Learning. I love the challenge of creating courses which teach the essentials of information security in an interactive and fun way. Every day at TSC is like working with one huge, crazy, happy family. I like to share my own craziness with tales of yoga, gong baths, reiki and shamanic drumming! Anything spiritual feeds my soul.

Security tip: Don’t use the same password for everything! Think of memorable phrases and then change some letters to numbers and special characters.

Bebe Lees

Head of Communications

My passion for enabling learning and development is a great fit with my role as a Head of Communications with The Security Company. I work with a fabulous team of people creating engaging content on information security. With a long career in learning and development and now as a published author, I love it when people say ‘ahhh, now I get it’. My other passion is dogs, with four of my own. I also get a dog fix when I come to work and Doris is here.

Security tip: Do not open any links or documents from unknown sources.


Ben Murray

Head of Technology

Taking responsibility for the research, development, and technical operations of The Security Company has been an exciting challenge and has led to working with some fantastic clients, making a real impact on a truly global user base. When I’m not dashing between meetings, or lines of code, I can usually be found glued to a good book; especially having recently discovered the LitRPG (Literary Role Playing Game) Genre.

Security tip: Take personal responsibility for your information security. That can be a daunting task, but a little initiative goes a long way.

Cheryl Miller

Project Manager

They say you should never work with children or animals. Having done both in various roles delivering complex, time-limited projects with stringent budgets, I am well placed to handle the unexpected in the rapidly changing world of information security. During the summer months, you’ll find me rounding up the TSC team for tennis in the village – it’s a great way to start the working day.

Security tip: Make sure all your family members are using strong passwords (and not keeping them written down by their computers).

Christopher Church

Content Specialist

I am a content specialist at TSC. I help to create a range of communication materials for our clients. I love working in a team full of dynamic, innovative and passionate people. I also love the creativity my role affords me. We’re a diverse bunch here at TSC, so there’s always something new to learn. When I am not engaged with client work, I can often be found writing internal communications messages in pirate-speak or referencing Star Trek. My hero is Carl Sagan. He taught me that “imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it, we go nowhere”.

Security tip: Phishers often manipulate links to draw people in. Hover over suspicious links to reveal the true URL/destination.


Claire Pearson

SASIG Administrator

From customer service, social media, project coordination to account management, my work background has been very varied to say the least. I have utilised and improved my organisation skills throughout all my roles. As SASIG Administrator, I use my keen eye for detail in coordinating the smooth running of events. I’m extremely goal-orientated and people focused, except for my time spent talking about my dogs and especially when Doris, the office dog, comes to visit and requires a lap cushion.

Security tip: Be mindful to use encrypted websites; look for the green padlock next to the web address to ensure that your data and passwords remain safe, especially when you’re on the move.

Danny King

SASIG Manager

I am responsible for the operation of our exciting SASIG events, including coordinating the high-quality speakers the conferences attract. Previously with The Security Company, I bring substantial project and account management experience to my new role. It's great how we enable the conversation on security between world-leading organisations, developing our events in an ever-changing and increasingly digital world.

Security tip: (Clear desk, clear screen) Ctrl + Alt + Delete followed by ‘lock screen’ works a treat for security.

Doris SmithWise

Chief Snack Supervisor

As chief snack supervisor I tend to make myself known whenever food is present. My parents are the founders, so I pretty much have free rein of the office, which allows me to investigate any smells and potential snacks. If I am not visible, it is usually because I am sitting by Nadia’s feet supervising fallen crisps.

Security tip: Never leave your lunch unattended, you never know who will be sniffing around to snap it up!

Elaine Barker

Head of Projects and Delivery

I head up our Projects and Delivery team and have worked at The Security Company for a number of years. My team are extremely dedicated and I love our creative approach to all things information security. We work hard to ensure every campaign is engaging and inspiring and we are always looking at different ways to capture our audience’s attention. We have a fab foodie culture here at TSC and never miss an excuse for a day of deliciousness.

Security tip: If something looks suspicious, report it to your security team as soon as possible. You may not think you are a target, but the fact is, we all are.

Harry Mandley

Project Coordinator

Qualified in Business Management and IT, my role in Projects & Delivery at TSC includes supporting the team and coordinating the production of animated infographics, e-Learning and online solutions, so I am often deep in project plans. I enjoy investigating innovations in technology in my spare time and when I am not at my desk, I am concocting something special for lunch in the kitchen.

Security tip: Don’t be afraid to challenge someone without an ID badge. It’s important we safeguard our information from the physical threats as well as the cyber threats.

Jenny Mandley

Information Security Awareness Consultant

Exploring the possibilities, pushing the boundaries and building relationships to find information security solutions for our clients is a challenge I relish. Consultancy experience in education, financial services and recruitment has developed my ability to be holistic, inclusive, creative and flexible whatever the complex needs of our clients are. Coffee and cake helps too!

Security tip: When you are out and about, hide and lock your valuables away – don’t give anyone the opportunity or inclination to take what is yours.

Jo Cousins

Technical Project Coordinator

I develop e-Learning courses and Knowledge Zones. I am also the resident SharePoint expert and I manage our in-house Learning Management System. I love the creative aspect of my job and developing ways to bring our information security expertise to life in a fun and engaging way.

Security tip: Don’t forget to lock your laptop screen when you are at home. Even friends and family pose a risk, unintentionally or not.

Jo Wise

Finance Director

As co-founder of TSC I am passionate about setting the strategic direction of our company, so that it can continue to grow. Over the years I have worked in every part of our business — I’ve been dubbed the ‘ultimate QC’ for my keen grammatical eye. But I’ve settled predominantly into the role of finance director. Every day brings a new challenge, so our amazing people have to be on their toes.

Security tip: If you work whilst on holiday, ensure you secure your devices and information at all times, as you never know who might be watching.

Joseph Wise

Cybersecurity Connect UK Consultant

I am responsible for coordinating the delegates of our brand-new Cybersecurity Connect UK event. My previous experience as SASIG administrator has helped enormously, connecting with people who work in cybersecurity and giving me considerable knowledge of the industry. I have been fascinated by the world of fraud and security since I was a child. I am proud to also give presentations at events, based on my own experiences, sharing my knowledge as a "nerdy millennial" and online gamer.

Security tip: Always check what permissions a smartphone application asks for before downloading it. If an application is asking for excessive permissions such as location data and camera access, it is probably collecting data about you for purposes other than its main function.

Martin Leggett

Head of Strategy and Behavioural Change

As head of strategy and behavioural change, I lead my team in the creation and delivery of strategic programmes that transform the security culture of major organisations across the globe. Such programmes hone in on the human factor in security, engaging people through the understanding and shaping of values. That is when I am not Morris dancing, biking or perfecting the Crow Pose.

Security tip: Delete unused social media accounts and manage the privacy settings of your existing accounts with care and attention.


Martin Smith

Chairman and Founder

When I founded TSC more than 20 years ago, I would not have believed the exciting, stimulating (and, on occasion, frightening) adventure I had embarked upon. But when I look back now and around at our team, and all that we have achieved for our fabulous list of clients, I am beyond words. These days, I predominantly spend my time chairing our dedicated events company for cybersecurity professionals, the SASIG.

Security tip: Just like shoulder surfers, eavesdroppers can steal information silently. Do not discuss sensitive information if there is a chance of being overheard.


Mike Bailey

Change and Communications Consultant

I have been lucky to have worked across several countries and cultures. Consequently, it is rare that client requests surprise me. As change and communications consultant, I am sure this claim will be challenged! A big sport and dog lover, I am also an hispanophile having lived and worked in Spain for 14 years. Always available but calls during Real Madrid games may go to voicemail.

Security tip: The number of people in your security team is equal to the number of people in your company multiplied by their social media accounts.


Milo Mackie

Head of Happiness

Once a month I pay TSC a visit to check that the team’s happiness levels are adequate. As a PAT (Pets as Therapy) dog I take my role very seriously and I find that allowing employees to give me head pats and belly rubs is a great way to combat any lingering stress they may have. When not at people’s desks, I can be found at Ais’ feet guarding my squeaky ball.

Security tip: Do not leave your ball unattended. Balls should be kept close to you at all times in case you are alerted by the term ‘walkies’.

Nadia Khan

SASIG Administrator

My main responsibility is to coordinate our SASIG events. I have worked in the events industry since studying Events Management at university and have never looked back. I love the challenge and diversity of SASIG as no two events are ever the same. Organisation is my strongest skill, and I am determined to ensure that every event runs like clockwork.

Security tip: Remember to set strong PINs or passwords and check your settings to make sure that Siri or Google Assistant cannot be activated on the lock screen. Leaving your phone unlocked allows anyone to access your email and social media accounts, and call premium-rate numbers.

Nick Murray

Senior Software Developer

I live and breathe tech. I use my expertise to maintain existing TSC software, making sure it does what is required. As well as maintenance, I also play a large part in our greenfield projects, which enable us to use cutting edge technology to develop new and exciting software. Staying ahead of the curve is where I like to be.

Security tip: Enable multi factor authentication whenever possible. The more layers of security you have, the safer your information is.

Rachael West

Senior Content Specialist

I head up our team of content specialists and help create a range of communication materials for our clients. I love being part of such a highly motivated and innovative team who work hard to deliver key security messages for our clients. We are a diverse and fun bunch here so there’s never a dull moment. I enjoy the occasional chat about films or food and will never say no to a cup of tea!

Security tip: Watch out for tailgaters. Always check someone’s ID thoroughly before opening a security door or gate for them.


Ruth Sullivan

Office Manager

As Office Manager I have the pleasure of working with such an inclusive team of people in a wonderful and energetic environment. I work in a beautiful rural setting, lending a hand where needed and learning new skills all the time. I love the sociable side of work life too and enjoy participating in walks with my TSC colleagues and Friday food day, when we all bring something in for a communal lunch.

Security tip: Invest in a screen shield for your laptop, especially when working out and about.

Sarah Parkins

Project Manager

There is never a dull moment working in the Projects & Delivery team! I love the challenge of coming up with exciting, innovative and fun ways to deliver our clients’ messages. Away from work, I am a squash-playing, mountain-walking, dog-loving ex-Bluecoat — quite an eclectic mix but that’s pretty much the norm around here which makes for a very interesting and diverse crew.

Security tip: Be vigilant and prudent in all your communication channels, both personal and professional.

Sue Ager

Project Manager

It’s an exciting time to be part of TSC with some amazing products being developed to support organisations and their employees to stay safe online. As project manager, it’s great to be using my previous experience to deliver the highest standards of customer service. Away from work, I love walking with my Labrador, playing tennis and getting together with friends and good food!

Security tip: Think before you click! Beware of opening attachments from unknown sources.

Tony Edmeades

Operations Director

Having responsibility for ensuring that the business has the best working environment and processes is a challenge I relish. I am never happier than when assessing new systems and work flows to ensure team efficiency and a cohesive approach to the services we provide. This is only made easier with the highly talented team we have. Outside of work I’m a bit of a fitness freak and with a 10k run, a three-day boot camp and the Three Peaks Challenge already booked up, it’s going to be a great year.

Security tip: When travelling for business or pleasure, reduce your risk by only ever taking the information and devices you need for your trip.

Zoe Edmeades

Managing Director

I am blessed to lead a dynamic team of experts with innovative services that really make a difference to the organisations we work with. I absolutely love my job and the people I work with. What we do is not a single event, it’s a way of life. When I am not living and breathing TSC I can be found curled up with my dogs by the fire, being tortured by my personal trainer or gossiping with my teenage girls.

Security tip: Don’t let your devices connect automatically to public Wi-Fi services and ensure they are safe before you do connect.


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