Where it began

The Security Company (International) Limited was formed in 1997
by co-founders Martin Smith and Jo Wise.

Until then (and indeed even now) the IT Security profession was dominated by the technical viewpoint. Founders Martin and Jo, recognised that systems and network security would never truly be secure without putting a significant focus on the employees’ i-wareness®. In 2004 Martin set-up a subscription-free networking forum, the Security Awareness Special Interest Group (SASIG), as a place for frontline security professionals to be able to gather, to safely and freely exchange views and concerns about the softer issues of cybersecurity. Now, more than 15 years later, SASIG has established itself as a leading and credible voice of the corporate sector in addressing the more difficult and less tangible cybersecurity issues that others avoid. Membership now represents hundreds of organisations of all sizes from across the world and from all sectors, public and private.

By 2005 it was evident that there was a need for expansion and as the team grew steadily, we moved into our purpose-designed premises that have become known as “The Barn”. With an increasing order book, TSC has become the industry provider for addressing employee attitudes and behaviours surrounding security. Now under Managing Director Zoe Edmeades’ leadership, the TSC family boasts a team of communication specialists, project managers, e-Learning specialists, designers, animators and technical experts all working together to produce campaigns that boost employee i-wareness® for the world’s biggest and brightest companies. All products and services are tailored specifically to each client’s individual needs, identifying potential threats and gaps in knowledge and creating bespoke education programmes that
Inspire, Engage and Protect.


noun: i-wareness®;
plural noun: i-wareness®

1. a state of being aware of good information practices and behaviours, of an employee

“The phishing training really helped improve my i-wareness®”

“Breaches aren’t always malicious. The majority of breaches are caused by good employees who make bad decisions with all of the right intentions. ”
- Zoe Edmeades, Managing Director

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