Cyber Insurance: Why are companies getting rejected? And how to get accepted

If you are operating as a business in 2022 without cybersecurity insurance, you could potentially be leaving yourself open to huge ramifications if a breach should occur. Cyber insurance is part of a sensible integrated cybersecurity approach, but it is also important to remember that cyber insurance alone does not reduce your cyber risk. However, as […]

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Let’s wrap it up!

An infosec review of 2019. Lauren Groom looks back over the infosec year and the five key lessons we learned going in to 2020 Throughout 2019 we saw high profile information security incidents and events, from accidental data breaches to ransomware. The threat to Internet of Things (IoT) devices has continued to increase, and phishing […]

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How new regulations could shape the future of the Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT is here to stay. And it’s growing. The IoT is predicted to grow to more than 64 billion devices by 2025, and as they become more integrated into our lives, we’re also giving them more access to our personal information. But IoT’s increasing popularity means cybercriminals are designing attacks to specifically target its […]

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