Why the threat of phishing can’t be ‘trained away’

The Security Awareness Special Interest Group (SASIG) connects cybersecurity professionals from all areas. TSC invites SASIG Supporters to share their cybersecurity insights in The Insider. In this piece, we review a report from machine learning email security company Tessian, that opens up the issue of how training and technology should be applied to combat phishing. […]

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3 reasons to consider gamification as part of your information security programme

What is gamification? Gamification is the application of gaming techniques and elements into any non-gaming environment. It can be applied to learning and development situations, marketing, recruitment and even our own health regimes (known as ‘exergaming’ – think Fitbit and associated challenges within the software. Across gamification models, typical game-playing elements include point scoring, competition […]

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Was 2017 the Year of Ultimate Breaches?

Last year wasn’t exactly the poster child for good cybersecurity. Barely a month passed by without another data breach being reported. Large businesses and household names were victims of major cyber attacks, which affected millions of people as information was hacked, stolen or left unsecured. More personal data was compromised in the first half of […]

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