Cybersecurity: Why your board won’t listen

So why exactly isn’t your board listening? Well actually, they are. The problem is that what you are saying and what they are hearing are different things entirely. It may as well be a foreign language. It’s like speaking Vulcan at a Star Wars convention. This isn’t news to most of you. Any CISO worth […]

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A CISO’s guide to the CEO’s difficult questions

It’s a scenario we’re all familiar with: “Good morning, Mr Bailey, please take a seat. The interview will start now.” And although confident I have researched and prepared well, I know some searching questions are coming my way. But I also have a few of my own. After all, a job interview is a two-way […]

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5 ways to improve your high risk users campaign

High risk users (HRUs) hold the critical ‘keys to the kingdom’ of any organisation and, as such, represent a cybersecurity risk that no CISO should overlook. Their privileged credentials make them a prime target. If their details were compromised, they could give a cybercriminal unparalleled access to your company’s most sensitive information. As the cybersecurity […]

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