Cyber Insurance: Why are companies getting rejected? And how to get accepted

If you are operating as a business in 2022 without cybersecurity insurance, you could potentially be leaving yourself open to huge ramifications if a breach should occur. Cyber insurance is part of a sensible integrated cybersecurity approach, but it is also important to remember that cyber insurance alone does not reduce your cyber risk. However, as […]

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“Mr Ransomware is knocking on the door,” says the man responsible for keeping £57bn of people’s money safe

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Simon Mair, Head of Information Security and Data Privacy, at Brewin Dolphin on their approach to cybersecurity threats. Brewin Dolphin is a financial advice and investment firm with 80,000 clients in the UK, Ireland and Jersey. It has around £57 billion of funds under management. Simon and […]

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eLearning: should we use it or lose it?

Admit it – we’ve all taken, or maybe even (whisper it) been responsible for, a bad eLearning course. Perhaps it contained scenarios with no basis in real life, or slide upon slide of mind-numbing detail. Maybe the bold design induced a migraine. It’s no secret that eLearning has been given a bad rep over the […]

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