Cyber Insurance: Why are companies getting rejected? And how to get accepted

If you are operating as a business in 2022 without cybersecurity insurance, you could potentially be leaving yourself open to huge ramifications if a breach should occur. Cyber insurance is part of a sensible integrated cybersecurity approach, but it is also important to remember that cyber insurance alone does not reduce your cyber risk. However, as […]

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Data classification and its continued importance to data security 

Information security is not just a legal requirement, it is necessary to maintain an organisation’s reputation, trust, and profitability. Data classification is and remains a vital aspect of data security for every organisation. Evolving technology results in more ways for data to be created, shared, and stored. And while it may be easier (and cheaper) to […]

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The differences between free and paid cybersecurity awareness training 

Would you implement free security software organisation wide? No? Then why would you opt for free cybersecurity awareness training?  Cybersecurity awareness training must be a staple in the development and learning for employees in each and every single industry. Cyber criminals and hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities and weak points to exploit, regardless of […]

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