#TheFutureIsCyber, but the present is male

Zoe Edmeades, TSC’s managing director, examines Tessian’s latest report that shows the desperate need for people to join the industry and the yawning gender gap that still blights it. Around a year and a half ago, I reported in The bigger picture – Attracting diversity in security the claim by the Global Information Security Workforce […]

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Diversity to solve problem of bias in AI

Martin Leggett explores a new angle to diversity. The diversity problem in cybersecurity has gained another dimension of late. It seems the good-guy AI algorithms we’re relying on as a bulwark against a hyper-agile threat community are developing a bias problem. From racially flawed facial recognition to recruitment aids that discriminate against women to one-sided […]

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The bigger picture – Attracting diversity in security

Attracting diversity in security Diversify and thrive Some say that the case for diversity in security no longer needs to be made. Becoming more inclusive has long since gone from being a ‘nice-to-see’ to a ‘must-have’. However, the discussion around the benefits of diversity in cybersecurity has been drowned out by a single clarion call […]

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