Owning your digital footprint

Take control before someone else does. Complementing her previous article on the company’s digital footprint, Rachael West explains threats to your personal digital footprint and how you can own and protect it. Have you ever Googled yourself? You may be surprised by what information you can find about yourself just from a simple online search. […]

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Owning your company’s digital footprint

Your organisation’s credentials are out there for all to see. Marketing messages, business statements, company information and everything written, posted or downloaded leaves a permanent trace in cyberspace. This is your organisation’s digital footprint. It is your online identity, made up of your unique set of traceable online activities, communications and information. Everything that goes […]

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Cybersecurity Glossary – Jargon Buster

We’ll be the first to admit that cybersecurity terminology can be a little tricky. So to help you stay cyber safe this Christmas we’ve created a Cybersecurity Glossary, below.  Anti-virus or antivirus Software designed to detect, stop and remove viruses. Cloud An online space where resources are stored so they can be accessed from anywhere […]

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