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Employee ownership is the answer

The Security Company’s employees and clients all benefit from employee ownership.

Being an EOT cements our core values, the most important being One Team!

The Security Company (TSC) is an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) And we are proud and happy to shout about it!

Being an EOT means the employees co-own the company. We all have a vested interest to ensure our business is successful. It’s this collaboration and commitment that ensures our clients receive the top-quality products and services they expect and need to minimise their cybersecurity risks.

As the 8th anniversary of the Employee Ownership Association (EOA) approaches we are supporting its campaign to promote EOTs — #EOIsTheAnswer. Indeed, employee ownership was the answer we came up with recently when we considered the following:

  • How can we ensure the future and continue to build TSC’s offering
    of innovation and collaboration?
  • How can we retain and nurture our talented, committed staff?
  • How can we enjoy the benefits of future profits?
  • How could we avoid the business being sold or disbanded when
    the previous owner neared retirement?
  • How could we secure funding from a like-minded financier
    (Capital For Colleagues) instead of being beholden to the banks?

EOT more important than ever

Although we have been employee-owned for over six months now, it’s been a very different six months to that envisaged by Managing Director, Zoe Edmeades, Operations Director, Tony Edmeades and everyone else!

There has never been a more important time for us to share an equal part in ensuring TSC is successful, competitive, sustainable and profitable and emerges stronger than ever on the ‘other side’ of COVID-19. We have all proved to ourselves and maybe even surprised ourselves at how well we have adapted to the enforced change.

Being an EOT and a member of the EOA is a great thing to shout about — an EOT’s workforce has a collaborative focus on providing great products and services so that they all succeed individually as well as the company. Our clients understand that and reap the benefits of every one of us being fully invested in delivering the best products and ideas.

The value of values

As a member of the EOA, we are part of a community of over 400 members who have a contributory collective worth to the UK economy of about £30bn per year, about 4% of GDP. That’s a lot of companies that share similar values with us and are pushing forward to ensure our businesses are durable and successful now and in the future.

Being an EOT cements our core values of being passionate, creative, innovative, collaborative, committed and, most importantly, ‘One Team’ — as you can see in the image above!

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