Let’s be open about phishing

This article is taken from our white paper, ‘Your people and your risks: finding balance in the new normal’ in which we take a step back and look at how the behavioural landscape has shifted so dramatically over the last year. In this extract, we apply this approach to a concern common to all cybersecurity […]

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Phishing — what do cybercriminals know about us?

Our fear, stress and uncertainty lower cyber defences. When you clicked to read this article, you may have assumed we would be exploring the information available on the dark web. Or perhaps we would be looking at statistics on breaches, compromised passwords and scams in 2020. Actually, we are going to explore something far more […]

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Phishing: Big phish, little phish

Landing just one phish can be disastrous. How many times have you heard that it only takes one phishing email to cause damage? That’s because it really does only take one. One email to an employee. One click on a link. One fake website. One password entered. One very happy criminal. What is a ‘typical’ […]

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