3 reasons to consider gamification as part of your information security programme

What is gamification? Gamification is the application of gaming techniques and elements into any non-gaming environment. It can be applied to learning and development situations, marketing, recruitment and even our own health regimes (known as ‘exergaming’ – think Fitbit and associated challenges within the software. Across gamification models, typical game-playing elements include point scoring, competition […]

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eLearning: should we use it or lose it?

Admit it – we’ve all taken, or maybe even (whisper it) been responsible for, a bad eLearning course. Perhaps it contained scenarios with no basis in real life, or slide upon slide of mind-numbing detail. Maybe the bold design induced a migraine. It’s no secret that eLearning has been given a bad rep over the […]

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Add a seasonal twist to help your awareness campaign stand out

Retail and consumer businesses thrive during seasonal holiday periods because these periods bring people together. When you are piecing together your organisation’s internal communications plans for the year ahead, it is worth taking seasonal holidays and recurring events (such as Scroll-free September, back to school, or even ‘talk like a pirate’ day) into account. You […]

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