Phishing — Ease your pain.


Looking after your organisation’s information security can be painful. Your many, varied and increasingly complex challenges can cause you pain.

Pain which can result in data loss, breaches and financial penalties.

Pain that is alleviated if you influence a positive behavioural change.

We speak continually with information security professionals like you. We have listened to you describe your pain, identified common areas and developed appropriate treatments.

The first pain is phishing.

See ‘Phishing — Ease your pain’ to find out how you can drive the behavioural change your organisation needs.

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Employee ownership is the answer

The Security Company’s employees and clients all benefit from employee ownership. Being an EOT cements our core...

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In 2004 we launched the Security Awareness Special Interest Group. SASIG now hosts over 35 events a year for information security professionals.

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For over 20 years TSC has delivered inspiring campaigns which have engaged employees and enabled organisations to become more secure. Interested in becoming one of them?

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